Being greedy without remorse

I probably would love to run all the fanlistings I've joined so far but... I'm trying to be picky. Nothing against the current owners of course - A girl can dream.

The Top 5

Dreaming the impossible

Books: Harry Potter
HP is endless love. Love the characters, the story, the settings.. hell, the whole world. J.K. Rowling is a genius and Harry Potter will be loved by many generations yet to come.
Thanks to my big sister I grew up with these books and its main characters. Can't wait for the last installment. Love forever :)

Musicians: Male: Cash, Johnny
Got to love Johnny through the wonderful movie Walk the Line. Now I'm owning nearly everything the man ever created. His music is inspiring, true .. gotta love the rhythms. He was never one of these fake guys who made it just for the money. He lived his songs and was such a badass with a wonderful wife.
One of my Gods. Period.

Movies: Lord of the Rings
My first true movie love (besides all this old Disney magic). This stunning trilogy ruled my life for some years and I still think fondly of this time. Obsessions surely stop at some point but not my love for this masterpiece.
The cast was incredible and fitted their roles so well.. Peter Jackson is a brilliant mind.

Actors: Phoenix, Joaquin
[insert incoherent fangirling here] My Number One for so many years now. I always have to point out that we share birthdays :D
He's just like.. God. Love his brooding portrayals as well as the moments where he cracks one of this smiles *faints* You see, talking about Joaquin makes me useless. (WHERE'S THE OSCAR? Damnit!)

Actresses: Blanchett, Cate
Breathtaking to watch. I want to look just as perfect as she does *grin* All jokes aside, she is IMHO one of the best actresses out there right now. Her roles are different every time and she surprises you with every new choice she makes. And I love my stars keeping a low profile. Please give this woman more Academy Awards. And me the fanlisting for her.

The Big 5's

Nearly as big as the first ones

Actors and Actresses

HYDE L'Arc~en~Ciel Parton, Dolly Franz Ferdinand Valo, Ville

Hero I heart Huckabees Walk the Line Some like it hot The Pianist


Some just developed recently

Brokeback Mountain (Movie) - Christie, Agatha (Author) - Claire, Cassandra (Fan Works: Fanfiction Author) - Connolly, Jennifer (Actress) - Delon, Alain (Actor) - Dylan, Bob (Musician) - ER (TV Show) - Eternal Sunshine of a spotless Mind (Movie) - Fiennes, Ralph (Actor) - Gackt (Musician) - Jackson, Michael (Musician) - Malice Mizer (Musicians: Bands/Groups) - Presley, Elvis (Musician) - Rowling, J.K. (Author) - Schneider, Romy (Actress) - Tierney, Maura (Actress) - Winslet, Kate (Actress) - Woolf, Virginia (Author)

Granted wishes

Arrived in heaven

Fan Works: Fanfiction: Cassandra Claire: Draco Trilogy (approved)
Movies: Missing, The (2003) (approved)
The Big 5's - Musician: Bands/Groups: Apocalyptica (approved)

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